Efficient Kotlin

EN / День 2 / 17:30 / Зал 1

Code efficiency today is often treated indulgently. To a certain degree, it is reasonable. Memory is cheap and developers are expensive. Though at some point maybe your application runs on millions of devices and some battery use optimization might save enough energy to power a small city. Or maybe your company already pays lots of money for servers and their maintenance, and some optimization might make it significantly cheaper. Or even your application works well for a small number of requests but does not scale well and on the day of the trial it shuts down. In this session, Marcin will show you how to make an efficient Kotlin code cheaply, and how to optimize performance-critical parts of your code.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Marcin — знаменитый Kotlin Trainer, партнер JetBrains, автор двух книг по программированию и известный спикер. Этот доклад был специально подготовлен для требовательной аудитории Mobius, чтобы показать неочевидные способы повышения эффективности Kotlin-кода.

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