From Four Wheels to Two: Lyft's engineering principals for fast paced product development

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How Lyft rolled out scooter sharing: Product engineering principles for successfully launching meaningful products in record time.

How do you build a scooter sharing service from scratch in just over 2 months? Follow RJ as he goes through techniques employed at Lyft to reach deadline, from architecture tips to ways to reuse your coworker's code. RJ will also dive into soft skills they relied on to stay aligned, motivated, and in touch with their teammates and users, and ultimately ride off in style.

Anyone from Android devs (new & old) to PMs and Designers will be entertained and informed. Based on this article, but with more technical diagrams, antics, selfies, and pictures.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Можно писать идеальный код, использовать современные подходы и технологии мобильной разработки, но так и не создать успешного продукта. В докладе RJ расскажет, как используя ключевые инженерные принципы в комбинации с технологиями, компания Lyft решает проблемы миллионов пользователей с помощью своего крупного шаринг сервиса самокатов.

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